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Q. How are Kwik-Stix different from all those other easy training chopsticks that look cute, but don’t really work for picking things up?

A. Unlike so many other training chopsticks, Kwik-Stix have a unique, patented, click-together linkage that joins the chopsticks solidly so that they stay properly aligned for grasping food.  Check out this video clip to see the difference.



Q.  What the easiest way to link and separate Kwik-Stix?


A.  LINKING – Grasp just below the notch, hold one chopstick in your left hand with the notch facing upwards.  Hold the other chopstick in your right hand with the notch facing downwards.   Lay the notches together as shown in the photo.   Pinch at the intersection and they’ll click together.

A.  SEPARATING – Hold the linked Kwik-Stix just below the joint with one hand.  Gently twist the tops anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) with your other hand.



Q.  What if I want more leverage when eating?

A.  Shifting your grip down towards the tips gives more leverage for an easier grip.  The spring resistance helps to develop the strength needed for future transitioning to traditional chopsticks.

Q.  Will they be difficult to clean in a dishwasher? Will food particles get stuck in the crevices?

 A.  Kwik-Stix are best separated for washing to allow cleaning of all surfaces.  There should be no difficulty washing away food particles.  Avoid placement near heating elements.


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