About Kwik-Stix

Cross Over to Awesome!

Stylish, Struggle-free Chopsticks with a sure grip!  Kwik-Stix are easy to use, linkable training chopsticks.  Great for both kids and adults. Look Sharp while you learn. Pinch & click to link. Untwist to separate for compact portability and storage.  Mix and match colors to suit the occasion or your mood. The perfect gift. Now everyone can have fun, build skills, and dine with confidence.  Fast, Flexible, Fun and Fashionable!

What’s in a Name? 

By the late 1600s, western sailors in Asia, mispronouncing a chinese or malay word, had adopted “chop”as a pidgin term for “quick”.  The name stuck. So “chopsticks” became the English term for the “quick-sticks” that many asians ate with.  But let’s face it.  For a lot of folks, eating with chopsticks can be a tad slow, and a bit difficult to learn.  We think Kwik-Stix are faster, more stylish and more fun!

Our Story

Once upon a time a family dined at an Asian restaurant…  Some were confident with chopsticks.  Others thought chopsticks seemed fun, but a bit of a struggle. The alternatives were forks (not much fun) and paired chopsticks that looked silly and functioned poorly.  Hence the idea for a more elegant, easy to grasp, evolved chopstick design that could be easily linked, compactly stored, carried and reused. Link, learn, and join the fun!

Mix and Match – Red and Black


Stylish & Struggle-free.
Dine with confidence and style.
Training aid.  Improves grip and coordination.
Universal.  Classic and Easy Chopsticks in One.
Clicks together for Easy Grip.  Separate for Classic Grip.
Linkable: Click to join. Separate for compact portability and storage.
Fast.  Ninja or Novice. You’ll Chow-down like a Champ!
Flexible.  Squeeze to grip
Fun.  Mix and match colors to suit your style.
Patented link and spring technology.

Sustainably reusable & long-lasting, dishwasher safe, BPA-Free.

Recommended for ages 4 to 400!

Invented in the USA
Designed in Australia


Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re here.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too! And please let us know if there is any way that we can improve.

Thank you.  Amazing item! 5-Stars!   Brad C.

Easy to use and helps a lot for those with hand issues. Love em’!   Y. Ford

We like these chop sticks so much that we decided to get more. thanks.    Ron L.

Love the product have purchased another!   Andy M.

Great product. Very happy with it all.   Jennifer T.

Fantastic! Margaret A.

Great item! Daniele B.

Love these.  Jennie Z.

These are wonderful! Simple to use and clean. They don’t go flying across the room while in use. Violet F.

Easy to use. Great item! Debbie G.

Great fun! Les K.

Very AWESOME i love it thank you!!!  Ella G.

Perfect! 100% reccomend AAA+++  Nicole M.

The chopsticks are cool! Thank you 🙂  George R.

Great item!!! Fantastic!!!!!  Vanessa J.


Item as described, thank you, Super highly recommended seller.  Shannon B.

Excellent seller! Perfect communication and quality product. Highly recommended!   T. Gurbuz

Great product.   J. Galloway

Great product.  Thank you so much for your fantastic service. Highly recommend A+++++++  Debra S.

Excellent product!     Sherry

The goods, postage and service 5 star!  Klaus K.

My wife really did like the chopsticks.  It was a gift for her given that she sometimes has difficulty using regular ones 🙂  Tim B.

excellent service and product. Thank you.   Jack W.

These are great thanks ?  C. Mckay

They’re revolutionary!    A. Kelly

Great price & quality. Quick delivery.    Stefan A.

As advertised, fast ship A++     Dale B.

Great choices of colour!    V. Jones

Gr8 product… gr8 response to postal damage.  Brian M.

Great price & quality. Quick delivery.   Stefan A.

Tamara and her grandmother used them and both ate with chopsticks for the first time in their lives!   🙂     Sharon C.
They work well.  Mary C.